My name is Jane Brant and I am a passionate virtual assistant.

Are you a busy social entrepreneur? Or a passionate business owner who is struggling to support as many people as you would like?

Do you have admin tasks that take up working time? Or stop you having as much family time as you would like?

Are you working weekends getting up to date on admin tasks when you really need to be taking some much needed down time?

I am a problem-solving, solution finding Virtual Assistant. I love learning and finding new ways to do things. As well as finding unique solutions to traditional admin needs, I am able to develop WordPress websites and manage on-going maintenance and provide social media, event, project management, and marketing support.

What more could you do if you were able to hand over some of those tasks to me?

If you need someone to free up your time to run your business then call now on 07852 544937 or use the contact form here


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